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When you enter the doors of Art Florida Academy, you’ll discover a real art academy environment that provides  an exclusive educational opportunity for young aspiring artists, the Young Artist program, offers art classes instruction in drawing, painting and Portfolio Preparation for children and teens in Miami area from 5th grade to 12th grade students. We offer after school, spring break/summer camp, workshops and portfolio prep classes.

The Young Artist program seeks to engage students in meaningful academic and creative work that will propel their artistic creativity and excite them about life itself.

The mission of the Young Artist program is to provide a rigorous academic education, with special emphasis placed on the individual.  






*One-on-one portfolio reviews and consultation.

* Instruction is individualized: students may begin at basic, advanced, or accelerated levels.

* Classes taught by professional artists.

* High-school art students learn skills preparing them for their first year of college as well as for their portfolio.

* Our students have a 99% success rate in receiving acceptance  to their first-choice art magnet schools.

Our Art Portfolio Prep classes are for students grades 5 and up, preparing them to showcase their creative talent in a way that’s conducive to impressing admissions officers at Miami-Dade County Public Schools Art Magnet program, winning awards, securing scholarships, and top-ranked art colleges, and even, University level. In a group class, 6 to 12 students learn together in a relaxed atmosphere. During the school year, group classes are scheduled during after-school and weekend hours. Most classes meet once a week, and 2 hours long.

We concentrate on observational drawing skills using a variety of 2-D media and 3-D, specific subject matter such as still-life set-ups, objects, natural forms, portraits,  landscape. Students learn numerous skills and techniques for representational drawing by focusing on and capturing what they see using contour line, perspective, value, shading and contrast to create a sense of form with understanding of space and volume. Composition is emphasized as students make purposeful decisions about how to organize space within a 2-dimensional picture plane.

Working from observation, imagination, music, dreams and memory, students become comfortable thinking outside the box when it comes to their own creative possibilities with the goal of producing portfolio-quality work that reflects an individual style as well as understanding of foundational skills.